Monday, August 31, 2009

This is true, US Government Guarantee Buyers Of Failed Banks!

Right, capitalism do not really give a damn on anything but capital class interests. After the American taxpayers had to pay for the corporations’ mistakes in the bail out plan, now they have to pay for new agreement mistakes. The governmental agency FDIC decided that the government will guarantee the buyers of failed banks.

I know the crisis hurts, but they only making it hurt people and the businessmen who caused this mess will get away with it easily. Damn it!

Solidarity Call With Striking Tanta Flax Workers

تضامنوا مع عمال شركة طنطا للكتان

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US To Take Over The Internet Cyberspace

The US Congress discusses these days a new regulation proposed by Sen. John Rockefeller to allow the government the power to disconnect private-sector computers from the Internet in emergency!

Show us your real face, America!

Truth Hurts The Israeli Cannibals

The truth really hurts, cannibals…

Five Workers In Shbeen Textile On Hunger Strike

Today, 5 workers  from Shbeen Textile factory decided to go on hunger strike after they got fired. The factory administration decided to fire them after their involvement in the strike the workers held in the last March. The whole story here.

Tanta Flax Workers Demonstration Suspended After The Official Union Betrayal

The whole story is reported here by Mohammad Mar3e

Saturday, August 29, 2009

SS Breaks Into MB Iftar In Mansoura

State Security forces broke into the Iftar the Muslim Brothers organized in Mansoura yesterday. The forces confiscated all food materials that would be used in the Iftar. They claimed that these materials were ‘expired’. Read the report here.

Dictatorship Of Proletariat

“Dictatorship? Nooooooo!” one of my friends said when I talked about that well-known Marxian concept. But, is it a dictatorship actually?

1- What is democracy? In the Western concept, democracy is the people ruling of state. Not the whole people but the ‘majority’ of people. When we have an election with two candidates, we choose one of them to run the state. If the first candidate wins the election with 55% of votes, this means that the 55% of people only rules. In another term, we are practicing the dictatorship of the 55% against the remaining 45%. So, in somehow, the democracy is some sort of dictatorship in its core.

2- In western societies, its not even the dictatorship of majority. To hold a campaign. you need to have millions of dollars(The US presidential campaigns in 2008 spent about $1.5 billion). So, you need to be a millionaire or have strong relationships with millionaires to make them fund your campaign. This also limits the ability of most people to participate in this ‘democratic’ process.

We have to put in mind that businessmen only funds campaigns as it would become a political leverage in the future.

So, the recent western democracies are not even about the dictatorship of majority. It’s about the dictatorship of elite that owns money and run businesses.

3- Now, we can understand the dictatorship of proletariat. Dictatorship of proletariat means practicing a real democracy of the majority, the real majority without the recent forms of personal interests. It’s about giving the power to the people and demolishing all kind of personal interests. So now, and only now, we can say that we have a real democracy.

Friday, August 28, 2009

“Kill Arabs, Kill”

That’s what Israelis teach their children…

Thursday, August 27, 2009


See the whole album… (By  Michal Giedrojc).

Everybody’s Fool

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A Group of awesome photos on Ramadan from Click on the photo for the whole set…

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Missing Interrogation Method: Prolonged Diapering!

The CIA proposed in 2002 to the Justice Department the use of eleven “enhanced interrogation technique. These techniques are the attention grasp, walling, the facial hold, the facial slap (insult slap), the abdominal slap, cramped confinement, wall standing, stress positions, sleep deprivation beyond 72 hours, the use of diapers for prolonged periods, the use of harmless insects, the water board. The justice department approved for ten techniques and declined one. The declined one was “The use of diapers for prolonged times”.  Read the whole report here.

Video: Tanta Flax Workers’ Demonstration Today

Revolution rocks in Tanta… (Video by comrade mar3e).

Tanta Flax Workers Demonstrate In Tanta

 Image from 3arabawy

This morning, Tanta flax workers demonstrated in front of Al-Gharbiea Headquarter after they continued striking for about 90 days. They demanded the re-nationalization of the factory again and get their rights back from the Saudi investor who bought it.

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    • فقد أقر الكنيست في 3/8/2009 في قراءته الثانية والثالثة مشروع بيع أراضي اللاجئين إلى أفراد وجهات يهودية فقط في أي بلد، وبذلك تنقطع العلاقة، حسب القانون الإسرائيلي، بين صاحب الأرض الفلسطيني وأرضه
    • لقد أقيمت إسرائيل على مساحة 20,255 كيلومتر مربع عام 1948/1949، وهو الجزء الذي احتلته من فلسطين (78%) محدداً بخط الهدنة حسب اتفاقيات الهدنة مع أربع دول عربية عام 1949.

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Mansoura University’s Residence Students Went On Hunger Strike

24 hours ago, the Mansoura university’s residence students who stay these days in the students’ campus went on a hunger strike as the administration decided to reduce the content of their meals. All students decided not to eat until the meal is back to the normal content and size. The administration got afraid fro escalating the issue so they decided to yield to students’ demands.

It seems a pretty rocking start of the new educational year.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Police Brutality In India

Screw the Indian, Egyptian and US regimes. Screw them all



Rumors were just spreading that Egyptians do not like to work at all. The shocking truth is that this is just opposite to the reality. A study showed that the Egyptian worker spends about 2373 hours annually working making him on the top of the list of the workers with the longest working time

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“I Am Not Going To Afghanistan”

Sgt. Travis Bishop is an American solider refusing to be deployed to Afghanistan. Read the full story here.

Monday, August 24, 2009

People Photography (Photography Tutorials Part III)

Enjoy it!

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IDF Kills Palestinians For Their Organs

Typical Israel:

 Aftonbladet, a leading Swedish newspaper, reported that Israeli soldiers kill Palestinians to take their organs. The report cited a lot of stories about the kidnapping and organs snatching of a lot of Palestinians.

The Israel Ministry Cabinet responded by also a typical Israeli action: banning any Swedish journal from entering Israel till they ‘apologize’.

The Rate Of Profit And The World Today

Chris Harman writes in International Socialism journal an awesome article on the classical Marxian concept: “The Tendency Of The Profit Rate To Decline”. Here are some quotes:

  • The “tendency of the rate of profit to fall” is one of the most contentious elements in Karl Marx’s intellectual legacy.1 He regarded it as one of his most important contributions to the analysis of the capitalist system, calling it, in his first notebooks for Capital (now published as the Grundrisse), “in every respect the most important law of modern political economy”.2 But it has been subjected to criticism ever since his argument first appeared in print with the publication of volume three of Capital in 1894.
  • The rate of profit is the key to capitalists being able to achieve their goal of accumulation. But the more accumulation takes place, the more difficult it is for them make sufficient profit to sustain it: “The rate of self-expansion of capitalism, or the rate of profit, being the goad of capitalist production, its fall…appears as a threat to the capitalist production process”.
  • The crisis, however, is not the end of the system. Paradoxically it can open up new prospects for it. By driving some capitalists out of business it can permit a recovery of the profits of others. Means of production can be bought at bargain basement prices, raw material prices slump and unemployment forces workers to accept low wages. Production once again becomes profitable and accumulation can restart. There has long been a dispute among economists who accept Marx’s law about the implications of this. Some have argued that the rate of profit will tend to decline in the long term, decade after decade. Not only will there be ups and downs with each boom-slump cycle, there will also be a long term downward trend, making each boom shorter than the one before and each slump deeper. Others Marxists, by contrast, have argued that restructuring can restore the rate of profit to its earlier level until rising investment lowers it again. According to this view, there is a cyclical motion of the rate of profit, punctuated by intense crises of restructuring, not an inevitable long term decline. So Marx’s law should be called “the law of the tendency of the rate of profit to fall and its countervailing tendencies”

To read the whole article, click here.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

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Digital Photography Tips For Capturing Natural Landscapes (Tutorials Part II)

Awesome (except the 6th tip!)

Digital Photography Tutorials Part I

Other videos will be following…

Postal Workers Between Egypt And Britain


After the strong fight of Egypt Post workers against the administration demanding for their rights, the postal workers in Britain went on strike protesting against the new jobs cuts.

Between the struggle of mail workers in Egypt and Britain, the revolution keeps rocking everywhere

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I Resist

I resist too…

Drivers of Public Transport Institution On Strike for The Second Day

“Great paralysis”, said a report by Centre for Trade Unions and Workers’ Services (CTUWS) describing the effects of the strike the drivers of the Public Transport Institution held yesterday and continuing today.

Drivers are protesting the decision taken by the institution to put the money paid for traffic violations on drivers. Driver no. 6346 have to pay around 11,000 pounds for these violations while the average salary for each drivers is about 500 pounds!

They say that they would go on a hunger-strike if no one listened to them.

Wish them all luck…

Update: The strike has been suspended after the government yielded to all the demands… Well done comrades.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sunset غروب

Al-Arish, Egypt

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Strikes Wheel


The wheel of labor struggle is going pretty well all over the world these days. In Egypt, Real Estate tax collectors are escalating their protests against the betrayal of the Minister of Finance. Also, Nile Cottons factory workers are on strike. This is besides the struggle of Mahalla and Tanta workers and Justice experts.

In South Korea, Workers are protesting their low standards of living and the effects of the credit crisis.

The workers are not stopping in India and Britain also.

Keep rocking, REVOLUTION

Thursday, August 6, 2009

64th Anniversary of Hiroshima Atomic Bombing

Today is the 64th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. 140,000 people killed in Hiroshima and 80,000 in Nagasaki in minutes by the US just to be the new emperors of the world. In that anniversary, we should not forget while mourning: Fuck The Capital System that Value Nothing But Money.

Real Estate Tax Collectors Demonstrate Now

The  independent union of the real estate tax collectors are demonstrating in front of the parliament right now denouncing the betrayal of the agreement with the Finance Minister last Thursday.

South Korean Automobile Workers Continuing Struggle

Keep rockin’, comrades. Keep rockin’…

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

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Monday, August 3, 2009

Again: Even If He Wanted To

Once again, the politics in the US is proving that it’s not about willing and good intentions of one person. The dialectics in the political process there is so complicated and can’t be understood unilaterally. During the campaign Obama held to win the elections, he promised a lot of things. On the international level, He promised to end the American occupation in Iraq and starts a new friendly diplomatic policy with the whole world. Internally, he promised the Americans to destroy all kinds of political corruption in Washington, to force corporations to take the responsibility of their losses in the credit crisis and stop the perennial decisions of different past administrations to take the side of financiers. Also, he promised them to do the unthinkable: “a health care system for all Americans”.

Now, after seven months of president Obama in office, his promises have been broken one after another. He didn’t end the Iraqi occupation without even a sign of a near end. He used a different diplomacy from Bush but it’s “gunboats diplomacy” that negotiations and sweet talks go on under the threat of gunboats surrounding the beach!

Internally, he did not hold the CEOs responsible for their losses and started to ‘donate’ billions of dollars in a bail-out plan to save capitalism. Those billions provided by taxes paid by the American taxpayers. And finally he is breaking his word in the matter of health care system.

The New York Times published yesterday a report on “The Lobbying Web” that actively operates these days to force Obama to alter his plan of health care system to all Americans. The report said that the health industry interests spent $133 million in the second quarter of 2009 alone to stop Obama’s plan. They spent this massive amount of money (despite the credit crisis I must say!) on TV ads to convince the public that the plan would not be valid, lobbying at congressmen to make augmentation of alterations to the plan.

This report would add a lot to you in understanding the political process in the US. Besides, it truly prove what we said earlier: Obama will not do anything new even if he wanted to.


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