Monday, August 3, 2009

Again: Even If He Wanted To

Once again, the politics in the US is proving that it’s not about willing and good intentions of one person. The dialectics in the political process there is so complicated and can’t be understood unilaterally. During the campaign Obama held to win the elections, he promised a lot of things. On the international level, He promised to end the American occupation in Iraq and starts a new friendly diplomatic policy with the whole world. Internally, he promised the Americans to destroy all kinds of political corruption in Washington, to force corporations to take the responsibility of their losses in the credit crisis and stop the perennial decisions of different past administrations to take the side of financiers. Also, he promised them to do the unthinkable: “a health care system for all Americans”.

Now, after seven months of president Obama in office, his promises have been broken one after another. He didn’t end the Iraqi occupation without even a sign of a near end. He used a different diplomacy from Bush but it’s “gunboats diplomacy” that negotiations and sweet talks go on under the threat of gunboats surrounding the beach!

Internally, he did not hold the CEOs responsible for their losses and started to ‘donate’ billions of dollars in a bail-out plan to save capitalism. Those billions provided by taxes paid by the American taxpayers. And finally he is breaking his word in the matter of health care system.

The New York Times published yesterday a report on “The Lobbying Web” that actively operates these days to force Obama to alter his plan of health care system to all Americans. The report said that the health industry interests spent $133 million in the second quarter of 2009 alone to stop Obama’s plan. They spent this massive amount of money (despite the credit crisis I must say!) on TV ads to convince the public that the plan would not be valid, lobbying at congressmen to make augmentation of alterations to the plan.

This report would add a lot to you in understanding the political process in the US. Besides, it truly prove what we said earlier: Obama will not do anything new even if he wanted to.


politicaltheatrics said...

Just like we seem in the Arab regimes,our "leaders" love to market their "promises" but 99.9% of the time they are never fulfilled.
Obama is another Zionist Imperialist and until he rejects the occupation of Palestine,the profits and losses made from the war in Iraq & Afghanistan and when he removes his troops then I will give him credibility.
For now he is nothing more than a talking head

ReSo said...

I totally agree