Saturday, July 18, 2009

Doctors Fight Results

After the huge fight led by DWR(Doctors without Rights) over the unfair distribution of the doctors over medical facilities, the newly graduated doctors managed to force the ministry of health and population to achieve their demands.

The ministry decided to perform the doctors distribution over the whole country not on geographical basics. This means that you would be from Mansoura and  get your job in Aswan. Also, this was very oppressive against female doctors that would face a great difficulty to manage travelling very far from their homes.

The young doctors decided to take the lead and start a fight over this. They asked to get the distribution based on geographical basics and started to sign up for petitions, holding conferences and leading demonstrations in order to get their rights back. After this strong fight, the ministry decided to retrieve the old geographically-based system .. proving that the social struggle can’t be defeated .. The system might be - sometimes – able to slow the struggle down but it will never be able to put an end to it.

Again, the revolution keeps rocking and rocking ...

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