Friday, April 3, 2009

Live-blog To Your Blog Using Twitter

We are 2 days before the 6 Of April national strike and protests. I am writing this post to help all bloggers to live-blog all activities in all Egyptian cities. God bless web 2.0 tools!

Firstly, go to

Click on Login. Then, click on Twitter to log in with your Twitter account

Use your Twitter accounts to log in.

Now you are ready to start the event you wanna live-blog. Type the title and the description of your event. Moderate the other options and click on create.

Congratulations, comrades! Now you are ready to live-blog whatever you are in.

To Transfere your updates into your blog, click on your "Add To Your Site" button on the right. This will give you a code. Embed this code into your post then you will have your update directly onto your blog.

To live-blog to this event on the go, click "Post to this event" button. This would give you a specific mail to send your update to. You will find your update directly in your blog or whatever.(For me, I am using my cell phone to email my updates).

For our common dream,

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