Friday, March 13, 2009

Cairo Anti-War postponed Conference مؤتمر القاهرة لمناهضة الحرب تم تأجيله

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موضوع منقول من عرباوي

A message from the Organizers of the Cairo Anti-War Conference…
Cairo, 12th March 2009
Dear friends and comrades,
We are writing today to inform you of the Cairo Conference (CC) developments and to consult you on our next steps. This might be late in the day and we apologize. But due to the imprisonment of some members of the Egyptian organizing committee -because of the Gaza mobilization- we have been finding difficult to communicate as promptly and efficiently as we would have liked.
As some of you already know, a suggestion was made earlier to postpone the Cairo conference this year from its usual date in March to sometime in the Fall of 2009. This suggestion was based on the fact that the Beirut Conference will be held in January and hence alot of you would find it difficult to be in the region again in March. Yet, due to the Gaza war and discussions within the international organizing committee of CC in Bierut, we decided to go on and hold it on time in March.
However, as things stand today we have been finding it increasingly difficult to hold the conference and the forum with the same level of vibrancy and success in such a short time. The reasons are multiple. First, alot of friends and partners in Europe will not be able to attend since they are heavily involved in the NATO 60th anniversary taking place early April. Second, our friends in North America expressed concern that they would not be able to mobilize and attend in such a short time after the Beirut conference. Finally, the Egyptian state security have been aggressively prohibiting us from renting a venue for the event -including all professional syndicates.
Hence, our preliminary conclusion is that we need to postpone the conference to a time that would be possible for most of you to attend and meanwhile would allow us to better prepare for the event. We would like to hear your thoughts on this idea and when would be the best time for you to attend and sufficiently mobilize in your circles for the event.
In Solidarity,
Cairo Conference and Forum
The Egyptian Organizing Committee

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